Below you will find a summary of relevant information about the  Gaasperplasrun, which will be held from June 18th 2023

The Gaasperplasrun is an annual running event around the Gaasperplas-lake in Amsterdam South-East.

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On-line registration only. Payment is possible by iDeal and creditcard.

When you are not able to pay by iDeal or creditcard and you wish to compete in the Gaasperplasrun, please contact the organization through the contactform.

Registration and pick up of numbers

Registration on the spot is not possible. Only online registration. Pick up of racing numbers is possible on Saturday June 17th between 10:00 and 16:00 at Run2Day (Eerste Oosterparkstraat 234). Due to the expected crowds on Sunday we recommend everyone to pick up their racing number on Saturday. Registration on Saturday is only possible online.

Registration on the spot is not possible. Only online registration untill 10:45. Pick up of racing numbers is possible on Sunday from 09:30 at AV Feniks. This is possible up to half an hour before the start of your race.

Registration fees

distance untill june 15th untill june 18th
1 km kidsrun (4-8yr) €5,00 €7,00
2 km kidsrun (9-12yr) €5,00 €7,00
5 km €15,00 €17,00
10 km €15,00 €17,00

Racing number

Attach your racing number on the front side of your clothes with four safety pins and make sure it is visible. Don’t wear other clothing on top of your racing number. Otherwise you will risk not being registered.

A BibTag chip is attached on the back of the racing number. Do not fold the racing number of chip. When passing the start/finish the BibTag chip will register your time. There is no need to return your racing number. You can keep it as a souvenir.


You can check in your bag (bags only!) on the middle field of the athletics track. You will receive a label which contains a number and will be attached to your bag. This number is not your startnumber. This year there will be no tent! Your bag is in the open air. Make sure your belongings are in a rain proof bag.

When picking up your belongings after the race, you have to show your cloakroom number. Only when you show this label you will be able to take your bag (with the same number) from the cloakroom!


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Transportation and parking

The start and finish are located on the athletics track of AV Feniks at Karspeldreef 500 in Amsterdam.

The carparking facilities are limited. We advice your to make use of public transport, bike of walking. The track is situated at approxiamately 10 minutes walking from trainstation Bijlmermeer/Arena and metrostation Bullewijk (click here for the route).

When you do travel by car, it’s best to park at some of the paid parkinggarages at Amsterdamse Poort P22-24 (click here for parkingoptions). After parking it’s only a 10-15 minutes walk to the track.

NEVER park your car in front of the entrance gate. The organization and emergency vehicles need to have clearance.


Public transport:
The athletics track is easy to reach by public transport. From Holendrecht station busline 41 (line Muiderpoort-Holendrecht) stops near the front of the entrance at stop ‘Karspeldreef’.



All finishers of the Gaasperplasrun will receive a medal after the race. As well as water, fruit, music and the everlasting glory which will remind you of a wonderfull day.

Start and finish location

The start and finish of the Gaasperplarun are situated on the athletics track of AV Feniks (Karspeldreef 500, 1102BX Amsterdam). Here you can find:


  • start and finish of the Gaasperplasrun
  • registration desk
  • racing numbers pick up
  • tent with sandwiches, coffee, tea, soda’s, candy and lots more.
  • DJ
  • changing rooms
  • toilets
  • cloakroom
  • first aid

AV Feniks

Karspeldreef 500 1102 BX Amsterdam